How to resolved issue on Magellan RM 5202-LM

resolved issue on Magellan RM 5202-LM

Magellan distributes reliable and innovative GPS technology based devices for navigation purposes. The knowledge to the Magellan Roadmate Update.

Apart from the specific features it provides, it can sometimes encounter some problems that do not allow your device to start up. The problem may vary in nature but it may cause your device to be stuck at startup.

In this article, we’ll tell you about those issues and some proven solutions to fix the Magellan Roadmate stack on the startup issue.

 Issue on Magellan RM 5202-LM Please follow the below steps

  1. Use Google Chrome browser (for Windows)
  2. Sign Up for magellan account your product
  3. Plug in your device to the PC using the USB cable provided
  4. Login at
  5. After login you might see “No device detected” at left bottom corner (I did)
  6. Click The “Update” tab on top left side
  7. You might see a notification to download a “Plugin” , click to download, note the location folder of the download
  8. Log off from
  9. Close all the browser windows (very important)
  10. Do not detach the GPS unit from the computer
  11. Double click the downloaded plugin file to install (follow the steps suggested by the installation program)
  12. Open the browser and re-login
  13. Now you should be able to see your device in left bottom corner
  14. If your date of purchase is within three years, you should be able to update the maps
  15. (Life time map upgrade is valid only up to three years from the date of purchase. Darn, I did not know this).

In the final segment, I just want to mention this whole blog is just for information’s sake. And it only contained the knowledge respect to the Magellan resolved issue on Magellan RM 5202-LM. For any feedback or input, please share it under the remark section. Further, to more about GPS devices and their maps updates come to the official website ASAP.

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